Currently, Montana regulations are released to the public for medical cannabis use.

Since their first opening of the Montana medical marijuana program in 2004, it’s allowed Montana to carve away the rough edges and propose a draft of rules.

The rules implement certain licensing permits to businesses, but more importantly to employees. This employee rule allows them to work in the marijuana environment with a permit. However, the employee can’t be allowed to work in such environment if they have a criminal offense against them.

Another rule is proof of Montana residency which means a person needs to be a resident in order to participate in the Montana Medical Marijuana Act.

In addition, Montana wrote one rule for licensing packaged marijuana goods from infused marijuana to medical. This rule indicates the basic rules often associated with non-cannabis businesses, but with different security measures. One statement from this section includes keeping a daily log of licensing visitors coming into the premises. Another statement is ensuring the business posts signs up such as, “No minors are permitted on the premises”, and “No on-site consumption of cannabis”. This rule goes on to explain other nuances every Montana medical marijuana business needs to take note of.

Among these rules, there’s one last important rule to mention. According to the FDA, Charlotte’s Web company mislabeled their marijuana products. The labeling said that cannabis is a cure to treat illnesses including cancer. This was frowned upon by the FDA and ensured other marijuana businesses to correct their labeling. Which is why Montana’s labeling rules are updated to ensure business label their products such as, “This product is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” Other than these rules, the draft outlines more information that dives into what a business can and can not do within the state of Montana.

Source: The 420 Times
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