The legalization of recreational marijuana means new business for Michigan.

Many of the regulations regarding growing and selling are still getting sorted out in the legislature meaning it could be months or even years before a pot shop opens in the state.

In the meantime, medical marijuana growers are embracing the new law.

“This is a monumental day today,” says Joshua Keasler who operates a medical marijuana growing facility. “It’s almost an emotional experience waking up today and realizing it’s here. It’s today.”

Keasler has been operating his growing facility in mid-Michigan since medical marijuana became legal in 2008.

“It started from just looking from a personal standpoint trying to facilitate my own needs with medical cannabis,” says Keasler.

Keasler suffered from migraines since he was a kid and turned to cannabis to alleviate the pain.

“I had no idea the power of cannabis was so far reaching,” says Keasler.

Now, he helps others with this medicinal plant.

“I wanted to provide myself and those who were in my immediate circle for care giving the best possible medicine I could,” says Keasler.

Since, it’s a medical marijuana growing facility, Keasler is allowed to have 72 plants here on property. However, under the new law, individuals will only be allowed to have 12 within their home.

“An undertaking like this might not be for the novice but cannabis is an extremely enjoyable plant to grow,” says Keasler.

With at-home growing now legal, Keasler says he is not worried about his business taking a hit.

“We’ve already had a burgeoning industry of growers and home cultivation in Michigan,” says Keasler. “I truly believe this is going to be more growing and more robust as this takes hold.”

Source: CBS 25 News
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