Melonie Kotchey, Founder and CEO of Compassionate Certification Centers, is featured as the cover story of this week’s edition of Exeleon’s Influential Business Leaders.

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 8, 2021 /Newswire/ – She has proven her business expertise through over twenty years of success in pharmacy, biotech, textiles, e-commerce, and now medical marijuana and healthcare.

Despite the many obstacles, she has always been optimistic and supportive of the scientific advancements in the field of medical cannabis, creating a patient-driven company now known as Compassionate Certification Centers. CCC strives to fight for patients’ rights and provide compassion and care to those who have lost trust in the traditional healthcare system.  “We check on patients and ask for feedback so we can constantly improve – and we celebrate successes when we do!  We love to improve our efficiency and the comfort we provide – we try to make a patient’s whole day, sometimes even their whole life!  It just depends,” states Founder and CEO Melonie Kotchey.

Compassionate Certification Centers leads the way in the medical cannabis industry in three revolutionary ways:

  • By developing and distributing the CBD line Midgard Medicinals, being the first and only line currently on the market with the ability to aid the natural production of androgenic hormones, such as testosterone, therefore supporting athletic performance.
  • Creating a widely affordable healthcare system that accepts insurance for non-cannabis-related treatments, including nutritional, naturopathic, and allergy-treating services via a sister company, Compassionate Care Medical Professionals.
  • Certifying the highest amount of medical cannabis patients in the state of Pennsylvania, winning several Global Health and Pharma Awards such as “Best Cannabis Certification Company – USA” in the “2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards.”

Together with her team and lead doctor Brad Buege, Melonie has fought the stigma of the medical cannabis industry and built a supportive patient-focused community.  “My job is to get each of my doctors, employees and patients what they need to complete their day without added pain or stress. It’s important to me to make room for employees to work problems out on their own -with support from the team whenever needed,” she adds.

With her co-founding of the “World Medical Cannabis Expo & Convention,” which has run for two years and amassed over 4,000 people worldwide, she has broadened community awareness and promoted the advancement of knowledge and research.  Melonie states, “When you have an event like this, you know the vendors, speakers, politicians, banks and more. It’s a great way to break into the industry and know who is really doing things right, and we know after almost having a hundred thousand medical cannabis patients in four years that we are doing things right.”

Above all, she confidently looks to the future of healthcare and strives to bring about positive change to the industry and countless lives. Melonie takes pride in the amount of people she and her team have “helped become pain-free again, seizure-free again, reaction-free again, speak again, and helped take their lives back after losing hope in the traditional healthcare system.”  Congratulations to Melonie Kotchey for her cover story feature in Exeleon’s Influential Business Leaders of the Year.

Compassionate Certification Centers (CCC) is an award-winning medical cannabis certification center that provides medical marijuana certification services and high-quality CBD products. Since 2016, they have been devoted to providing patients with cannabis-derived treatment options for a wide range of medical conditions. CCC, along with its non-cannabis-related sister company, Compassionate Care Medical Professionals (CCMP), is here to raise the level of treatment that patients receive while seeking holistic care by providing trust, clarity, and the diagnostic help to find the right medicine. Their network of certified physicians operates throughout some of the top medical regions providing allergy, nutritional, and naturopathic services, cannabis consultations, treatment plans, and high-quality CBD products.

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