Medical Marijuana helps with many symptoms of illnesses including helping a young girl with epilepsy.

It’s not every day you find a 12-year-old girl standing up to General Attorney Jeff Sessions let alone suing. She filed a suit along, with her father, at the Southern District of New York according to a news report from NBC news.

Alexis Bortell has suffered epilepsy for years until cannabis came into her life. She now uses her medical marijuana where ever she goes or where ever it’s legal. She hopes to gain her rights to cannabis, so she can use her cannabis to public places like Disney Land.

However, she wasn’t the only plaintiff filing this suit against Sessions. There are other plaintiffs who’ve gathered together to help find peace within the cannabis industry by tackling, theoretically speaking, Jeff Sessions, The Department of Justice, and the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency.

The other plaintiffs are ex-NFL player Marvin Washington, six-year-old Jagger Cotte, disabled veteran Jose Belen, and the Cannabis Cultural Association.

What do all of these people have in common? They use medical marijuana to help ease their illnesses.

  • Alexis Bortell has epilepsy ever since she was 7 years old. She’s taken cannabis after several attempts of using prescribed medication. Alexis now has the freedom to operate a normal lifestyle without recurrent seizures, because of medical marijuana. She even wrote abook regarding medical marijuana.
  • Marvin Washington desires to help treat other football players through the use of medical marijuana. This will help them to reduce opioid dependency and enhance their overall performance. However, the Federal Minority Business Enterprise program is unable to allow Marvin his eligibility to work toward opening his business for medical marijuana as a source of treatment.
  • Jagger Cotte is a young six-year-old boy who consistently has severe pain, because of Leigh’s disease. What is Leigh’s disease? In a report, “X-Linked Leigh’s syndrome”, it states that it’s an extremely heterogeneous disorder. The symptoms are the failure to thrive, ocular-motor dysfunction, and neurological regression.
  • Jose Belen a disabled military veteran has post-traumatic stress disorders. He uses cannabis to treat his PTSD.
  • Cannabis Culture Association is a community of colored people. The CSA was enacted, but they’ve been forced in a discriminatory manner which prohibits them to participate in the cannabis industry.

They are challenging the Controlled Substance Act, implying that cannabis doesn’t follow the requirements of an actual “drug”.

The case was filed in hopes of persuading Jeff Sessions and his department into allowing cannabis be legal federally.

All in all this case with Alexis Bortell is very interesting to see where it leads. Alexis Bortell has the following of 20k fans on Facebook as they hope to tip the scales in favor of allowing her to bring her medical marijuana where she desires. If we could lead this case into federal legalization then this will change the entire industry.

Source: The 420 Times
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