There are quite a few interesting marijuana-centric news stories floating around today, so we decided to put them all in the same place for you.

Here’s the marijuana news roundup for March 9.

Colorado may get cannabis clubs

Colorado marijuana users have been illegally setting up private clubs where they can smoke and consume marijuana because of the fact the state doesn’t allow them to do so legally. Colorado’s state senate just approved a measure that would allow private marijuana clubs to let people consume on the premises, but it may get vetoed by the governor, who is opposed to allowing citizens to smoke inside.

The measure doesn’t ban smoking inside, but that may have to be part of the equation for it to get past the governor. That would mean only things like vaping and eating cannabis would be allowed. The bill currently forbids selling alcohol and meals in a place where cannabis is being consumed.

Texas to decriminalize marijuana?

Lawmakers in Texas are considering a bill that would decriminalize possessing small amounts of marijuana. Possessing one to two ounces of marijuana would become a Class B misdemeanor if the bill passes. Possessing up to four ounces would become a Class A misdemeanor.

Firing medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts

Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court will decide Thursday if it should be legal to fire someone who uses marijuana medically outside of work if it comes up on a drug test. This is considered by many to be a privacy issue, as well as a medical issue, and some argue workplace drug tests in general are a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

“It’s an issue of people with disabilities who are trying to get medical treatment that the voters of Massachusetts and several other states decided was appropriate for them to be able to use, and whether employees should have to choose between their livelihoods and medical treatment that gets them relief for chronic pain or other medical issues,” said attorney David Russcol, who’s involved in the case.

Source: The 420 Times
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