Congratulations, Maine, you just became the eighth U.S. state to legalize marijuana.

The group opposing marijuana legalization demanded a recount when cannabis barely got enough votes to become legalized in November, and that group has decided to give up on its efforts. Legalization won by only about 4,000 votes, so it was not a massive victory.

Gov. Paul LePage will have 10 days to issue a proclamation on the vote results. From the Portland Press Herald:

“Although the governor opposed legalization, he is expected to sign off on the vote results just as he has for other referendum initiatives that passed despite his opposition. However, it remains to be seen whether LePage or President-elect Donald Trump will take legal steps to block or roll back laws in Maine and seven other states legalizing a drug that is still prohibited under federal law.”

Assuming everything goes smoothly, that means cannabis will be fully legal in Maine starting in January or February. Any Mainer over 21 will be allowed to grow up to six plants, possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and use it on their property.

Source: The 420 Times
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