Free Lyft rides? Yes, please. For the holy day of 4/20, Lyft has decided to team up with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to offer Colorado residents free and discounted rides.

“Our goal for this partnership with Lyft is to encourage marijuana users to treat marijuana consumption just like drinking, and always plan to use a sober ride,” says Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager at CDOT.

Green cars that will be labeled “Plan A Ride Before You’re High” will offer free and discounted rides to stoners in the state. You can also find ride credits for the day at Lyft wants to point out that 17 percent of DWIs involve marijuana in Colorado.

“We believe that proactive public awareness campaigns like this one, alongside convenient and affordable transportation through Lyft, can begin to reduce the number of Coloradans driving under the influence of marijuana. That is why we are so proud to partner with CDOT to help them lead the way on this important public safety campaign,” says Gabe Cohen, General Manager for Lyft in Colorado.

Thought it’s said driving high is safer than driving drunk, it’s still much safer to drive sober, so take a damn Lyft instead of risking people’s lives.

Source: The 420 Times
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