Remember the cannabis farm that was selling weed bouquets for Valentine’s Day? That same farm, Lowell Farms, is now inviting Donald Trump to tour its facilities.

In an open letter to Mr. Trump from the publisher of The New Smoker, the president is invited to Lowell Farms to see the hardworking people who keep the company running. The letter comes in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying weed is causing violence nationwide and threats of a possible cannabis crackdown. He has since softened his tone a bit, but we’ll see if it lasts.

“I have seen so many self-reliant, hard-working, entrepreneurial Americans create new jobs and opportunities for their neighbors and friends and those who desperately need work,” New Smoker Publisher Soren Gray writes in the open letter. “I have seen these great American farmers and product designers build their businesses from scratch without the help of big banking & Wall Street, all the while working against special-interest lobbyists from Big Pharma and the politicians beholden unto them.”

Considering Mr. Trump markets himself as a “jobs president,” it would seem foolish for him to attack a major new industry that is supporting thousands of Americans. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

Source: The 420 Times
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