Wow, I didn’t think Attorney General Jeff Sessions could astound me and offend my intellect any more than he already had, but he’s really taken it to another level.

On Wednesday, Sessions said during a speech that marijuana is “only slightly less awful” for people than opioids.

“And I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful,” Sessions said. “Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.”

Not only is that based on complete ignorance, it’s extremely insensitive to the families of the over 30,000 people who die annually from opioid overdoses. Sessions should apologize for this comment, and if he does, I will personally apologize to the families of the zero people who have overdosed on cannabis.

Furthermore, the last part of the statement appears to be a promise to ramp up the failed War on Drugs again. You know, that thing that has cost us over $1 trillion, has ravaged minority communities and has massively contributed to us being the country with the largest prison population in the world.

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Source: The 420 Times


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