Congratulations in advance! This is an extremely thrilling moment in your life. Again, well done for trying to bring a new life to this wonderful world!

But wait: are you supposed to take CBD products while pregnant? Is it safe? Can taking CBD affect your ability to get pregnant? Definitely, these are things you should be asking when in such a condition? You should know your worries are valid and it is crucial to do some research before taking anything when you are expectant. Never try something unless you are completely sure it poses no danger to you or the child you are carrying.

I urge you to read on, to find out more about CBD, and if it has any effects on expectant mothers.

CBD safety

Generally, CBD is a very safe option compared to many medications people use to treat conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. However, things change a bit when pregnancy is involved. Even innocent and simple food items like raspberry or pineapple tea can pose a danger to a developing fetus. When you are expectant, your body goes through many hormonal changes, and most notably, your developing fetus is extremely vulnerable and delicate.

Having said that, and seeing even simple foods can be risky to pregnant women; CBD should be used cautiously regardless of its harmless nature. CBD however, does not have psychoactive elements. It does not make somebody intoxicated; instead, it offers lots of therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Basically, CBD’s use is mostly medical. It provides the chance to alleviate inflammation and pain, uplift mood, and resist waves of appetite loss and nausea. But does that imply it is right to use it while expectant? And remember, CBD is very different from THC.

Never even try products with THC composition in them when expectant. It can be very dangerous, unlike CBD. THC, according to some scientific studies, can interrupt the establishment of neural networks in a developing fetus. Obviously, his is not something to joke with. Having THC interrupt the fetus normal development process can lead to birth disorders which relate to the nervous system.

CBD during pregnancy: A contentious issue

This topic is very contentious. Some people claim it is very risky and the matter has not been researched enough yet. These people have the idea that, it is basically not worth the risk and there is a potential danger of hurting the baby by taking CBD.

Other people argue that, since CBD is harmless unlike THC, it is likely to be safe. They claim that CBD is natural, organic, and maybe even less risky solution compared to other remedies. It may be able to ease up some of the mental and physical strain of carrying a baby for nine months. For instance, pregnant women usually experience pain, inflammation, nausea due to morning sickness, back and muscle soreness, anxiety, stress, fatigue, cramps and more.  People use CBD to treat these ailments all the time. Therefore, why not use it on expectant women too?


Let us agree: it is highly likely that there are not enough studies conducted on this matter so that we come to a definite conclusion. CBD may offer medicinal benefits, but if we do not surely know that it is harmless to a developing fetus, is it really prudent to risk?

In many instances, this is a choice which women and their partners should make for themselves. No one knows you more than yourselves. You know what you feel comfortable with. In short, you know the dangers you are willing to face and lines you are prepared – or not prepared – to cross.

Make a well thought out and cautious decision before taking anything that might hurt the life you are growing inside. Until there is more proof or evidence, one cannot recommend to use or not to use CBD.

Our verdict is that, when it comes to a young life, in this case, a growing baby in the tummy, it is better to be safe than sorry. Apparently, you do not want one unsafe choice or one mistake to hurt the life you are carrying.

Source: Medical Marijuana Blog
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