Atlanta based rap artist Ralo, at the at the center of a federal weed bust, remains behind bars after being denied bail on charges of trying to smuggle over 900,000 pounds of weed on a private jet from California to Georgia.

Ralo, 23, gave an exclusive jailhouse interview, where he reasserted his innocence and claimed the Feds are unfairly targeting him and his family.

“I feel like they kind of wrongfully targeted me,” Ralo said during the interview published by Atlanta’s 11Alive.

Ralo, whose given name is Terrell Davis, couldn’t go into details about the case, but the aftermath surrounding his arrest came up in the interview.

“No drugs were ever sold out of my apartment complex,” he said. “All the cars were stuff that I bought. None of it was for me. That was for my family.”

The cops are now seeking to confiscate 20 apartment units and five other properties owned and utilized by Ralo’s family.

“They took my family’s cars. I save my money, I put my money into real estate, I put my money into my people,” said Ralo.

He said that the inclusion of his social media account in the criminal complaint and indictment brought him to a powerful realization.

“It let me know that social media is probably one of the strongest things in our lives right now.”

It also showed just how many people are following him.

“Not realize how big I was and how powerful I was,” Ralo said. “I have to know whatever I say, it’s going to follow me and people gone take it in very hard.”

Ralo’s supporters say he gives back to the community, and is being accused of selling something that’s legal in many other states.

“Because he’s in Georgia, he’s going to prison for a year. Had he been in California, he would have been just another marijuana millionaire,” said Veronica Waters, legal affairs reporter for News/Talk WSB.

Source: The Weed Blog


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