Making decisions about health care can be hard. With so much at stake, it’s easy to see why. When it comes to medical cannabis treatment one of the most important decisions to make choosing a Licensed Producer (LP).

You can only register with one LP at a time using the same medical document, so it’s important to make the right choice the first time.

Many patients start their search by asking their healthcare practitioner, whether that be a family doctor or a healthcare practitioner at a specialized cannabis clinic clinic.

Your doctor may suggest an LP for you based on his or her prior experience or leave it up to your discretion – it depends on the doctor. Specialized cannabis clinics are often partnered with specific LPs, so if you visit one of these clinics it’s likely that you will be referred according to these partnerships, at least in part.

Although it’s important to follow the directions of your healthcare provider that doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research. Your research will be especially valuable if it comes down to a choice between a few LPs which all offer the products recommended by your doctor.

Here are the factors most people consider before registering with an LP.


For most types of medication prescribed by your doctor you simply drop off your prescription at a pharmacy and get it filled. Simple.

With cannabis, the patient plays more of an active role in the prescription.

Although your doctor will likely prescribe a dosage and a strain, cannabis doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

That means that your doctor may suggest that you try different strains and different means of ingestion. One of the major factors when considering an LP, then, is which strains and products they offer.

Make sure to keep your doctor up to date and always follow his or her directions.

Although different LPs offer different products, you can rest assured knowing that all cannabis products sold legally in Canada are approved by Health Canada.

Customer Service

A good LP is more than just a medical cannabis provider. Although they can’t give medical advice and there are restrictions as to what they can say about cannabis, LPs can provide support in different ways.

Think of a recent negative customer service experience. Now imagine you had to go through that to get your medicine.

Chances are you don’t want to be reduced to a number in a database and would rather deal with a representative who actually cares about your well-being.

People don’t often consider customer service when it comes to buying health care products because they usually get it from a pharmacy which has a pharmacist who is there to answer questions.

Think of your interaction with an LP as a relationship and find out what you can expect before committing to that LP. Most LPs publish information about their customer service online. You can also contact them by phone to find out if it’s the right fit.

When choosing the best LP for client care look for what resources they offer and how they treat you. Are the client care representatives polite and compassionate?

Look over the LP’s website and see what resources, news, and updates they have to offer for doctors and patients. A good LP will have an up-to-date blog with relevant articles and support for doctors as well.

Support & Collaboration with Medical Professionals

Remember that you aren’t the only one dealing with your LP. Your doctor’s relationship with your LP is another important factor to consider.

Because legal medical cannabis only recently entered the mainstream in Canada, some members of the medical community are still learning about dosing, strains, effects, etc.

LPs like INDIVA are stepping in to assist them by providing resources and tools to help in medical practices. Of course, the medical community is the highest authority when it comes to your treatment, but an LP can make it easier for your doctor to provide quality healthcare.

For example, INDIVA provides resources and tools which promote responsible use and help doctors provide good care.

Company Philosophy

Pick an LP you believe in. Different companies have different philosophies so pick a brand you believe in and you’ll be more comfortable with your treatment.

INDIVA, for example, was founded by long-standing members of the Canadian cannabis community. They’ve been fighting for the cause for decades and were part of a movement which supported the constitutional challenge that culminated in access to cannabis being legalized in Canada.

Now you’re ready to pick the right LP for you, just remember to choose carefully and keep your doctor informed.

Source: The 420 Times
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