According to the Salt Lake Tribune, documents show that a DEA task force is officially affiliated with Drug Safe Utah.

As county clerks are verifying thousands of voter signatures submitted for four potential medical marijuana initiatives, suddenly opposition groups are suggesting people have been misled and are urging them to remove their names before the May 15 deadline.

What the…?

The Utah Medical Association, which opposed the initiative to expand MMJ, now seems to have co-founded a political issue committee with the conservative Utah Eagle Forum called “Drug Safe Utah.”

And these phonies are paying canvassers to go door-to-door and persuade people who’ve signed the MMJ initiative to remove their signatures!

“We have talked to many people who have said, ‘What? I didn’t know I signed that,’ or ‘What? I didn’t know that’s what was in the initiative,’” said Michelle McOmber, CEO of the Utah Medical Association.

Yeah, right.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, public documents show that a DEA task force is officially affiliated with Drug Safe Utah and are assisting the group in their efforts to rescind the petitions. And, they’re spending tens of thousands to do it.

Somehow, the Utah Medical Association seems to think there’s nothing wrong with that.

“This is legal,” said Mark Fotheringham, a spokesman for the Utah Medical Association. “It’s totally aboveboard. We’re not trying to hide anything.”

He justified the underhanded actions by saying that the MMJ initiative is “too broad” and will lead to recreational cannabis use. Hell and damnation will surely follow.

“The ballot initiative is just a terrible way to decide what is good medicine. It has nothing to do with science. It’s just people’s feelings.”

And lots of people have expressed their feelings in the form of 40,000 signatures in excess of the minimum required for the initiative.

D.J. Schanz, director of the Utah Patients Coalition, said the Drug Safe Utah canvassers are not being honest with the voters they contact.

“We wouldn’t be as worried if they weren’t using such deceptive tactics,” said Schanz.

Source: The Weed Blog


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