Florida lawmakers are pushing a bipartisan measure that would honor medical marijuana identification cards from other states.

HB 557 and SB 1328 would provide “reciprocity” for qualified patients and caregivers who are not residents. The House measure was filed earlier in January by Rep. Ralph Massullo, R-Lecanto, and Rep. David Silvers, D-Lake Clarke Shores, while the Senate version was filed last week by Sen. Ben Albritton, R-Wauchula.

The bill would allow the use of qualified patient or caregiver identification cards issued by other states or U.S. territories to get medical marijuana in Florida.

The out-of-state identifications would have “the same force and effect as a medical marijuana use registry identification card issued by the Department of Health,” according to the measure.

The proposal requires that for each non-resident who qualifies as a patient or caregiver, the state Health Department shall enter into the medical marijuana use registry a certification or its equivalent from a physician who has physically examined the patient and is licensed to practice.

The certification must specify “the amount and the type of marijuana or marijuana delivery device recommended for medical use by such non-resident patient,” according to the bill.

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