Denver’s initiative to allow people to smoke marijuana in certain business places has officially passed. That means Denver residents who smoke weed will be able to do so at bars, restaurants, cafes, yoga studios and beyond.

This is an important victory for Denver residents who use medical marijuana and need to be able to do so outside of their homes, but it’s also an important victory for tourists, who often purchase marijuana while visiting Denver but have no place to use it.

“Back in 2012, marijuana legalization passed with a strong majority in Denver. Four years later, Initiative 300 has passed by a much slimmer margin,” the campaign manager of the group opposing the initiative, Protect Denver’s Atmosphere, said in a statement. “It appears that many Denver voters who originally supported marijuana legalization do not want to see marijuana consumption everywhere in Denver.”

The initiative received just over 53 percent of the vote. This does not mean residents will be able to smoke anywhere they want, like in a park, but businesses that get permits will be able to allow smoking. That said, it doesn’t seem there has been a big wave of arrests over people smoking in places like parks.

The law allows vaping and eating marijuana inside buildings, and it allows people to smoke marijuana in areas outside buildings that are owned by businesses.

Source: The 420 Times
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