There has been a lot of controversy about the possible impact of marijuana for creativity and artistic performance.

While there is some evidence that supports the idea that marijuana is enhancing and stimulating creativity. Of course contradictory opinions of the impact of marijuana continues to be propagated by other researchers that maintain that smoking marijuana is disadvantageous to the creative process.

The Different Forms of Marijuana Effects

There are a variety of cannabis strains with peculiar types and levels of high you get from consuming them. Some are particularly relevant in helping you concentrate and immerse you in activities with significantly meaningful results. This type of high gives a heightened level of concentration that offers tremendous results when trying to analyze things and think out of the box. Similarly, the quantity of marijuana you smoke is also instrumental in determining the effects it would have on creative and cognitive processes. “Microdosing” which requires that you smoke small amounts of weed is often credited for stimulating creative process.

Effects of Marijuana on the Frontal Lobe of the Brain

Investigations into the nature of the creative process reveal that creativity and dynamic thinking is largely controlled and facilitated by the frontal lobe of the brain. This activity of the frontal lobe during creative and cognitive processes is characterized by an increase in blood flow to that area of the various parts of the frontal lobe. What this implies is that when the dynamic rationalization of situations and creative input often triggers a surge of blood in the frontal lobe areas. Unsurprisingly, investigations into the impact of marijuana have shown to have the same effects on the frontal lobe that elevated cognitive thinking and creative processes have, which is an increase in CBF. The investigation strongly suggests that marijuana smoking has the same response in the brain that is created by dynamic, elevated cognitive thinking and creative processes which is an increase in Cerebral Blood Flow. The aforementioned demonstrates an unambiguous connection between marijuana smoking and enhanced cognitive abilities and creative processes.

Increasing Dopamine

Dopamine levels in the brain are particularly relevant in enhancing cognitive process and creativity by elevating cognitive aptitude, concentration and memory. In order words, there is a connection between dopamine production in the brain and increase in mental abilities. Dopamine is a chemical neuron in the brain that facilitates a long list of functions which includes improved learning, memory, mood and cognition. While this list is not exhaustive, it is important to emphasize that smoking marijuana surges dopamine in the brain. However, when engaging in cognitive and creative processes it is important not to smoke too much marijuana as it may stimulate excessive production of dopamine in the brain which constrains ability to concentrate and the entire cognitive process.

The effects of adequate level of dopamine in the brain are quite extensive with relevant behavioral, emotional, perceptual and intellectual benefits. The THC content of marijuana surges dopamine in the brain which reduces behavioral and mental inhibitors is often exemplified by the spontaneous behavior that accompanies the ecstatic effects of marijuana smoking. Unarguable, dopamine has a pivotal role in encouraging creativity through a number of interestingly fascinating ways. Apart from increasing the mental abilities, dopamine also enhances awareness while reducing inhibitions to reasoning and behavior by fostering spontaneity that provokes inventions and innovation. Essentially, dopamine inspires creativity by remodeling perspectives on life and existence. This radically different viewpoint is what propels some of the most fascinatingly creative inventions and artistic display that are usually associated with smoking marijuana. It could be asserted that marijuana smoking engenders an inundation of refreshingly innovative ideas, approaches, concepts and outlooks that is directly responsible for enhancing creative process. Dopamine provokes a behavioral and cognitive display that explores inventiveness and creative pathways.

Divergent Views

The facts on the potential impact and effect of smoking marijuana on creativity are sketchy and inadequate. While investigations have shown very strong similarities between the response of the frontal when thinking creatively and the response of the frontal lobe when smoking marijuana there are still other investigations that contradicts these outcomes with a view that marijuana has no impact in creativity and cognitive process.

From an observatory standpoint however, it is very evident that marijuana plant fuels creativity and enhances cognitive reasoning significantly by promoting mental and behavioral inclinations toward innovative and inventive behavior that is engendered by a fundamentally eccentric perspective. Undeniably, marijuana has the potential to inspire creativity by remodeling thinking patterns for astounding levels of creativity.

Since there is an irrefutable connection between marijuana a smoking and surging dopamine levels, the connection between marijuana and enhanced creativity could be feasible. On the other hand many assume that the impact of marijuana on creativity is just a delusion as it lacks incontrovertible scientific backing. While the impact of marijuana on creativity remains tentative, the need for more inquiries could help demystify the captivating possibility.

Harnessing the Distinctive Qualities of Cannabis Strains

While there are numerous cannabis strains with an assortment of ecstatic effect, there are some strains with a reputation for stimulating creativity.

Sour Diesel: sour diesel is often recognized by its powerful repulsive smell and is the favorite cannabis plant of many celebrities in California. Sour diesel which is very popular in California is a hybrid of 90 percent sativa and has a verified level of efficacy that makes it popular amongst many artists and creative persons.

Blue dream: blue dream is a cannabis strain with a lemon grass flavor that produces a soothing euphoria. This strain is a hybridization of haze and blueberry strains of cannabis with a knack for stimulating a form of creativity that provoked original ideas and inventions from meditations.

Of course the list of creative boosting strains is long we just have to mention 2 all time classics Amnesia Haze and Jack Herer notorious for offering a uniquely focused experience that stimulate creativity.

Source: The 420 Times
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