Dabbing preferences vary, but either the Dr. Dabber Boost or the Puffco Peak can fit most consumers dabbing needs.

Through the years, the consumption of cannabis has branched out in many forms. Some prefer the conventional means of smoking botanicals, others prefer the smooth and somewhat finer oil extracts. Some even make them into edibles such as confections like cupcakes and other pastries, while others prefer the strong and potent, concentrated doses of cannabis commonly known as “dabs.”

Dabs are a product of a long and meticulous process of packing botanical buds into tubes and blasting them with butane or carbon dioxide. As the buds are exposed to these components, they extract hash oils, which are purged with heat thereafter. The process leaves a gooey substance revered by most consumers and is often referred to as dabs or wax.

In my opinion, dabbing is way more beneficial compared to other means of cannabis consumption. Dabs pose less health risks and have way faster effects compared to conventional procedures, here are some of its other advantages.

  • Cleaner, purer product that’s easier on the lungs
  • It provides immediate relief for medicating consumers
  • Reduces the risk of lung damage
  • Certain dabbing methods can be odorless

Apart from these potential gains, most consumers prefer to use dabs because it’s probably one of the fastest and most effective ways to get high. Due to its increased popularity, many manufacturers have developed different devices for wax consumption. Spearheading and gaining a strong foothold in the market are two big names in the vaporizer industry Puffco and Dr. Dabber.

The Dabbing Dilemma

“What’s the best way to dab?” It’s probably one of the most common question asked by dabbers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. No matter how long you’ve been into dabbing you’ll most likely find yourself asking this question at some point. With today’s technological advances, every new vaporizer manufacturer seem to claim to be the best, or so they say.

In writing this article, I hope to help other dab enthusiasts like myself in their noble quest to find the perfect dabbing engine.

The two most prominent units that come to everyone’s mind when talking about dab devices are the Puffco Peak and the Dr. Dabber Boost. To begin with, these two devices are hailed as top-shelf units made by top-notch manufacturers which provide users with top-tier results. These two titans are expected to perform really well amongst others and to provide users, consumers, and dab devotees with unparalleled vaping experience. They’re probably the most recommended units for wax consumption, but which one’s better?

The Dr. Dabber Boost

The Boost is made by none other than Dr. Dabber Inc. A company based in Las Vegas and an institution geared towards the production of high quality products for cannabis consumers. They say “we know what you need, and even more importantly, what you don’t” and honestly, they do. Their devices are made, designed, and are engineered by people just like us. That’s why Dr. D is probably one of the most trusted and patronized vaporizer brand in the industry today.

Boost by Dr. Dabber is a portable e-rig that allows users to enjoy their select wax materials on-the-go. Portable e-rigs have heaps of benefits which often exceeds the advantages of its stationary desktop counterparts. Dr. D’s Boost is light, sleek and small, yet it performs similarly like a dab rig and is a safer means of consumption compared to open-flame torch desktop rigs. The Boost utilizes water filtration technology to perfectly recreate the authentic dabbing experience.

A premium version of the Boost is the Boost – Black Edition and man, you can tell it’s premium just by looking at its box, here’s some of it’s cool features.

  • Luxurious Packaging
  • 50% Larger Nails
  • Modular Heating Element
  • Titanium Domeless Nail
  • Ceramic Domeless Nail
  • Quartz Domeless Nail

The Boost – Black Edition Features a modular heating element, a titanium domeless nail, a ceramic domeless nail, a quartz domeless nail and is enclosed in an uber luxurious packaging, the Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition gives the modern day dabber that unprecedented, elevated, vaping experience. Stowing your Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition is as effortless and as fulfilling as carrying it around with you. The Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition’s accompanying accessories fit snugly to the compartments of its medical grade silicone storage case and makes for a solid and sophisticated portmanteau for your one of a kind vaping piece.

Adding value to the bundle is a limited edition keychain from Dr. Dabber which makes for an essential accessory for the ultimate Dr. Dabber fan boy.

Vapor Output

The vapor quality of the Boost – Black Edition is extremely exceptional. Because the nails are 50% larger, you can take on bigger dabs which is distinctively better than what you’ll get from an average portable e-rig. The Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition also includes a water filtration attachment which makes for a perfect option for when you’re craving for smoother and cooler hits.

The Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition features several dabbing options, it has three domeless nails which allow for a more flexible vaping experience and a customizable vaping session. The unit comes with ceramic domeless nails which allows a lengthier dabbing session, titanium domeless nails yields fat and chunky clouds of vapor that are dense and visible with viscosities that’s almost comparable to real smoke. And finally, the quartz domeless nails provides users with a unique and flavorful vaping experience. The quartz nails give excellent flavor profile that faithfully preserves the essences of wax concentrates.


Both the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition are perfect candidates for frequent dabbers who are looking for a device they can take with them virtually wherever they go. It’s true that transportability is probably the Boost’s strongest suit, but it sure packs features you won’t find on other portable e-rigs.

Should you decide to get yourself a Boost from Dr. D, here’s what you’ll find inside the box.

  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition
  • 1 x Glass Water Attachment
  • 1 x Ceramic Domeless Nail
  • 1 x Quartz Domeless Nail
  • 1 x Titanium Domeless Nail
  • 1 x Magnetic Loading Tool
  • 1 x Magnetic Carb Cap
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Medical Grade Silicone Storage Container
  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Boost – Black Edition Keychain

The Puffco Peak

The Peak is one of the newest breed of vaporizers that combines the element of different platforms into one. In fact, the Peak is so unique it deserves its own classification.

The Peak is the result of years of research and is the culmination of the innovation of different cannabis consumption methods. It’s the newest product from Puffco, a company founded in 2013 by Roger Voladarsky, a man who “wanted more than what the industry standard could provide.” This mad genius wasn’t satisfied with the industry so he revolutionized it. The Puffco Peak could be today’s “best platform for concentrate consumption.” Here’s what the Puffco Peak has to offer.

  • Torchless Heating
  • Ceramic Cup Nail
  • Glass Peak Bubbler
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Smart-Rig

The Peak simply is ahead of its time, it’s equipped with what Puffco likes to call the Intelligent Temperature Calibration, the ITC functions similarly to the smart memory data features found on some high-end portable and pen vaporizers. This intelligent feature automatically adjusts the heat based on its current temperature setting so you get the same exact experience every single hit. You can share this experience with friends when you take the Peak with you during parties or group sessions, the Intelligent Temperature Calibration makes passing the Puffco Peak around a lot better, the ITC ensures a stable and constant experience for each and everyone who would take a hit from it.

The Puffco Peak features triangular pyramid-like shape which also gives it a stable stance, it’s somehow designed to be used and held in with one hand. However, its conical shape makes it all the more perfect to be used both either handheld or on top of your desk. Its stable posture means the Peak remains leveled as long as you put it somewhere flat, it’s perfect for storage and for upkeep. If you’re like me who loves to keep their stuff neatly stowed in a shelf or on a cupboard, then you’ll find it easy to keep the Puffco Peak.

The Peak has two main parts, the water bubbler and the base. Both can be effortlessly separated or attached to each other. In this respect, the Puffco Peak requires minimum maintenance and preparation, a much-appreciated element for both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. The Peak makes dabbing look as easy as making tea.


The Peak is a proof of what evolution and technology can do even to vaporizers, it’s a testament which shows everything can be improved. It has smart memory functions as well as ergonomic and stylish design. The Peak requires less preparation and maintenance and over simplifies the process of dabbing.

Those who would be getting themselves a Puffco Peak can expect these to be included in the box.

  • 1 x Puffco Peak Smart Rig
  • 1 x Glass Carb Cap
  • 1 x Glass Peak Bubbler
  • 1 x Ceramic Cup Nail

In Closing

Your decision in choosing what vaporizer to buy is largely affected by your dabbing preference, for those who like to go out a lot and who doesn’t mind interchanging nail attachments from time to time, then the small and extremely portable Dr. Dabber Boost will be the ideal choice. If you’re someone who prefers comfort and convenience and if you delight in the advances of technology, then the Puffco Peak could be at the top of your list. These two units are so good that they’re virtually neck and neck in almost every aspect in comparison. I hope that this buyer’s guide could help you decide which amongst the two would fit your dabbing style the most.

Source: The Weed Blog


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