The 4 epileptics healed by CBD have finally found peace because their seizures are no longer hindering them.

In a press release called, “November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month” from PRNewswire, it stated there is more than 3.4 million Americans, 470,000 of them children, have epilepsy. Although there are medications that help ease epilepsy, there hasn’t been a real cure approved by top authorities like the FDA. However, one medicinal herb has been sweeping the nation. This is CBD and it’s helped children ease their illnesses. In honor of National Epilepsy Awareness month, we’ve giving you curated stories of 4 epileptic children healed by CBD.

Silas Algire: 2 year Old Celebrates Being Seizure Free Because of CBD

Silas Algire was experiencing seizures from left and right. It wasn’t until his mother researched an alternative medication like CBD. The natural substance of this peaked an interest that gave them hope to try it for their son. He was soon able to be an active child without the burden of seizures. Along with the celebration of his 2nd birthday, the real celebration is being seizure free, because of CBD.

Billy Caldwell: Boy Who Had 100 Seizures A Day, Now Has ZERO

Billy is another case with epilepsy and whose also been able to rid his seizures by CBD. He was having 100 seizures in a day until CBD came. Since then, the company, Billy’s Bud, was named after him

One Child Whose Mother Moved to Colorado for CBD to be Seizure-Free

In a blog post, Samantha Klawonn describes her daughter’s experience with epilepsy. Her daughter was diagnosed with multiple congenital abnormalities when she was born. Samantha was faced with a decision to move to Colorado to save her child with CBD.

How One Dad Marched Across The UK to Rid His Son’s Seizure

This dad and his family researched multiple ways and places that can help with his son’s, Sam, recurrent seizures. He outlines the process he went to finally approach a CBD medication that can help his son. Their last resort was in the UK. They traveled there to receive a pharmaceutical-grade CBD medication from GW Pharmaceuticals and from there they finally found a worthy medication to help soothe Sam’s seizures. These are the 4 epileptics healed by CBD that leaves an accomplished mark within the National Epilepsy Awareness Month.

Source: The 420 Times
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