We are surrounded with a plethora of beautiful, non-aging faces watching us from the billboards and magazine covers.

It seems to be paramount to be dashing at all ages and have flawless skin. Fortunately, it appears that CBD oil can help you with that. Chances are, once you’re finished reading this text, you’ll be looking for the nearest CBD store, online or in the real world. Indeed, it is that good.

So, what exactly is CBD? Let’s get this one out of the way before we go on with the rest.

CBD or Cannabidiol is just one of many substances contained in marijuana flowers, which often used to be confused with THC (the ingredient getting you high). On the contrary, CBD does not make you “stoned”, so rubbing in any CBD based products into your skin will not prevent you from doing your regular activities. It is precisely due to this feature that CBD has come under the spotlight in the recent years. For instance, CBD is now largely used in cancer treatments or for diminishing the effects of neurological diseases, as well as reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. But, how can it help your largest organ? Read on.

Good for Every Type

Before you start doubting its astonishing qualities and think your skin is too dry/oily for the treatment, let us assure you CBD oil infused products are suitable for any skin type particularly due to its ability to regulate the oil production. If your skin is dry, the oil will encourage it, whereas if your skin is too oily, it will stop the excessive oiling.

Triple Benefits

When you’re considering which cream or skin lotion to buy, you normally have second thoughts when you have to choose among moisture, nutrition and anti-aging products. Luckily for you (and all of us), a skincare product with CBD oil is an all-in-one type. CBD products moisturize and nourish your skin at the same time. They have vitamins A, D and E inside, together with fatty acids (these help your skin look healthy and radiant without clogging your pores).

What is great about CBD and anti-aging is that it provides your whole body with anti-oxidants, i.e. it works on deeper levels as opposed to only giving you the illusion of youth. It is general knowledge that anti-oxidants are excellent in fighting crow feet and other wrinkles, so CBD based products could be the secret to (eternal) youth. Of course, it can’t make you look 20 years younger, but it may well be the best anti-aging product on the market.

Acne Aid

For all those readers whose skin is especially problematic and they are struggling to keep their face clear of any zits or acne, CBD-infused creams should do the trick. Inflamed acne is a real nightmare and lots of people find them impossible to treat successfully. However, CBD is a natural remedy and as such has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Not only is it used for treating acne, but other skin disorders as well. Those suffering from psoriasis or eczema-prone skin know it only too well. Cannabinioids interfere with the excessive layering of dead skin cells, which is what psoriasis is all about.

Pain and Itchiness

CBD oil is highly recommendable for sensitive skin and it can be applied even when the skin is damaged, in cases such as bug bites, sores, or sunburns. Once again, its anti-inflammatory qualities come to the rescue and relieve you from the uncomfortable feeling and other inconveniences. Furthermore, CBD is known to have analgesic properties, which is why it is widely used for treating pain. In addition, it is very much applied in treating arthritis.


There is a good reason behind adding CBD oil to chapsticks and lipsticks. As we have already mentioned, it is gentle to the sensitive skin, but it also has regenerative properties, too.


Another reason why CBD oil is so popular is its mild anti-bacterial effect. That’s also one of the answers why it is so helpful in acne treatments. CBD skin products are gentle for the skin, but very efficient in treating skin problems, as opposed to some other products on the market which are anti-bacterial but are too aggressive to suit every skin.

Final Proof

As the ultimate proof of the glorious advantages of CBD infused skincare products, let us just mention the fact that the manufacture of CBD-oil creams, chapsticks and lotions seems to be going through the roof. The world CBD skincare market in was estimated to have been worth $149.5 million with the forecasts of reaching over half a billion by the end of 2025. Surely such a huge business is based not only on great marketing, but on the high quality of the products and its amazing properties. The research is being done daily and companies are competing to introduce CBD oil to a variety of products.

In short, next time you are wondering which skincare product to opt for, it seems the safest bet would be something containing CBD oil.

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