Learn what inspires Jenny Wakeandbake’s journey, and more, in this insightful Q&A.

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Weed Blog is highlighting several fascinating women from the cannabis industry. Today, we’re featuring cannabis photographer, social media influencer, and NugTools ambassador Jenny Wakeandbake.

After graduating from photography school, feeling rather lost, Jenny worked in a variety of photographic fields but never felt like one really stuck and made her happy. It was not until she started a simple Instagram account to connect with fellow medical marijuana (MMJ) patients, that Jenny realized it could grow into something more tangible. After becoming a MMJ patient to help mitigate symptoms of anxiety, Jenny created a Youtube channel called “Jenny WakeandBake,” where she shares her day to day life as a MMJ patient and gives others a place to hang when they may not have a friend to sesh alongside. When her camera is not glued to her face, Jenny spends time hiking, canoeing, and exploring the great outdoors with her dog, Griswold.

Learn what inspires Jenny’s journey, and more, in this insightful Q&A.

How did you get into the MMJ/cannabis industry?

I created an instagram account when I was living in CO, to post my cannabis use and quickly saw a home for myself as a creative. I started finding like minded people with passion for this plant and I felt that fire inside myself, along with feeling incredibly lost as a photographer. I put two and two together and two years later here I am — Jenny Wakeandbake sharing my story with others to let them know they are not alone. Plus, I’m creating content that sheds a different light on the cannabis industry.

Explain what your current job in the industry is.

I am a photographer and content creator. I work to give a product personality and highlight products and brands.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding about your job?

That I am always high and that I must smoke an insane amount of cannabis. This is not the case. Some days I smoke every hour and other days I maybe pack a bowl once. Some weeks I’m rolling in the dank cheese and other weeks I may not have smoked in a day or two.

Do you have to deal with the stigma around marijuana from family or friends? At your job? If so, how do you manage it?

I have long gotten over the heartache of dealing with people who have common misunderstandings about cannabis and being a medical marijuana patient. I used to get upset and a little angry. However, I quickly realized everyone is different and how they see things is going to be different, too. It took my mom seeing me on my bad days over and over again to appreciate and understand cannabis was the number one factor to my good days. I guess another good example would be my recreational cannabis consuming acquaintances. Yes, we are all here for this wonderful plant, but the way we view, treat, and consume it is different. Some think smoking cannabis is for not dealing with the problem, being lazy, or getting rowdy on a Friday night. No, not for me and not for 99 percent of the cannabis consumers I have met in the past year. For us, it’s about maintaining overall well being. So at the end of the day, I do what I can to explain the truth around these ignorant stigmas but some people are just thick headed and I will not allow that to keep me awake at night.

How do you believe we can de-stigmatize cannabis?

Keep showing people that we are productive, caring, and successful people. It’s important to keep educating the public and being open and honest about our cannabis use.

What is the most powerful benefit of MMJ in your opinion?

I am going to lump all the amazing things cannabis does into the following sentence. Otherwise, I could answer this question forever. The most powerful benefit of MMJ is that it gives us the relief and ability to be ourselves again, to feel normal and connected. I think that is something we should be able to comfortably experience.

Source: The Weed Blog


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