MagicalButter celebrates Canada’s full legalization of cannabis on Tuesday, July 3rd.

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Despite legalization in Canada, edibles will not be available for purchase for another year. This means first time edible makers will be flooding the Canadian market this summer in need of assistance to create medicated treats. That’s where MagicalButter’s MB2e machine comes in. The MB2e is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for creating recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs like cannabis into soups, oils, butters and more. You can even use this machine to create infused topicals.

What better time to celebrate Canada Day than now, when our neighbors to the North will become the largest country in history to fully legalize adult consumption of cannabis? Who better to celebrate Canada’s Independence Day than with the brave veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, who serve side by side with our US Troops?

Join Team MB for their Oh Canada Day! Livestream on Tuesday July 3rd. Magical Butter has teamed up with a truly magical group of Canadian veterans: Chef Cody Lindsay, Riad Byne, Devon Larratt, Matthew Landry, Cory D’Andrea. Cannabis educators, a decarb king, a published author, cannabis chef, and the current arm wrestling World Champion— all are personal advocates of the MB2e for years. Tune in from 2 – 5 PM EST, LIVE from the MB Kitchen to join the fun.

Livestream Event Schedule Wednesday July 3rd, 2018

  • Facebook: 2-5pm EST
  • Instagram: LIVE 2-5PM EST @magicalbutter
  • Twitch: LIVE 2-5PM EST @magicalbutterTV

Canadian Cuisine with Chef Cody Lindsay

Chef Cody, veteran, chef and author of the cookbook, “The Wellness Soldier; Cooking with Cannabis,” will delight viewers with a humor laden cooking demo of his favorite Canada Day dishes. He’ll start by showing first time viewers how to make a base recipe that he will then infuse into his meal. Fellow veteran guests will taste test the dishes and describe the sensory experience in mouth-watering detail.

Decarb: Old School vs New School

Riad Byne, co-founder and CEO of Spartan Wellness, is a 24 year veteran of Canadian Forces and cannabis educator to fellow veterans. Famed “Decarb King,” Riad will deliver his educational workshop on decarboxylation, as he explains the benefits and science behind decarbing. He’ll show you his tried and true Mason Jar old school method vs his newly found favorite method, the Magicalbutter DecarBox.

World Champ Workout…on Weed

Devon Larratt, co-founder of Spartan Wellness, 20 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, current World Heavy/Super Heavy Weight Left and Right Arm Armwrestling champion, (he beat “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones and Shaq), shares how cannabis assists his mental and physical focus during athletic competition. He will also take viewers through this world champ workout after eating Chef Cody’s infused pre workout meal.

Veteran Grower Tips

Matthew Landry, co-founder of Spartan Wellness and 20 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, is affectionately known as PHM (Pot Head Matt). PHM has been growing cannabis and spreading growing knowledge to veterans and patients for 24 years. He will share his strain genetic go-tos and tips for your own home grow, arming you with tools to help those in your community! Together we win!

Do-It-Yourself: FECO Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Cory D’Andrea, co-founder of Spartan Wellness and 10 year veteran of the Canadian Forces, will share his own twist-tutorial showing you how to make your own RSO aka MBO (MagicalButter Oil) aka FECO (full extract cannabis oil) in the MBe2. Also, who is Rick Simpson and what is RSO? We will share the tale of the Canadian pioneer that changed the landscape of cannabis and cancer treatment forever.


The MagicalButter machine is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for creating recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs like cannabis, sage, lavender, etc into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more. The MagicalButter machine makes it easy for medical marijuana patients to create their own medicine by infusing their own cannabis infused topicals, tinctures and edibles. When infusing cannabis and other botanicals using the MagicalButter MB2e machine, you’re harnessing nature’s powerful healing properties while saving time and money.

Source: The Weed Blog


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