Canada Looks to Allow Cannabis Consumption in Hotels

The Canadian province of Ontario could boost tourism by permitting people to consume pot in their hotel rooms. The Ottawa Citizen reported that the government regulations will allow guests to consume marijuana in hotels once it is legalized this summer. Designated areas and rooms will be set aside for those wishing to vape or smoke weed.

The government has opened the regulations for public opinion, also requesting public comments on the possibility of cannabis lounges. The government plans to use the comments to develop policy.

Toronto lawyer Matt Maurer says that several business people he knows are quite interested in cannabis lounges and resorts since the government has proposed lifting the ban on public cannabis consumption. He added that it would be the first step towards a tourism boom.

The government’s proposal would also give small business owners of pot shops more flexibility to expand into a chain and earn more capital. The owner of the Hotbox Café vaping lounge, Abi Roach, says that if the ban was lifted, she would like to open more lounges for cannabis vaping. To alleviate safety concerns, the Hotbox has all smoking confined to an outdoor patio, and Roach is helping to design a cannabis room at a Toronto hotel. If more cannabis lounges come to fruition, smoking will be most likely be permitted outside in designated areas or open spaces.

Niagara Falls is also investigating how legalization will affect tourism. Wayne Thomson, the Niagara Falls Tourism Chairman, says that he has suggested that the municipality seek feedback from the tourism stakeholders for their opinions to send to the province, citing concerns that New York hasn’t legalized yet and how it may affect tourism in Canada. He added that people could bring it back to New York, causing additional border patrol concerns. Canada plans to legalize marijuana this July.

Source: The Weed Blog


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