Considering California is the largest supplier of marijuana in the United States, you wouldn’t think the state would have trouble producing enough cannabis to meet the demands of recreational sales.

Recreational sales just started this month, and lawmakers and cannabis advocates are already worried supply may run low relatively soon. Why? There aren’t enough licensed producers yet.

“Although California rolled out regulations for adult usage last month, they’ve not been able to keep up with the licensing approval process,” High Times reports. “While, theoretically, California could scramble to meet the supply demands, the state’s current trajectory makes that look like a longshot—with growers vying to secure a spot in the legal industry, but to much delay.”

Los Angeles just gave out its first license to a recreational pot shop half way through the first month of sales, and it seems like the process will continue to be a slow one for now. Another problem, as High Times reported, is licensing fees are not at all cheap. That means fewer growers can even afford to get involved.

California won’t be the first state to run out of recreational marijuana to sell, if it happens, as it was only months ago that this occurred in Nevada. They figured out the problem there, and California will surely figure out its problems, but it’s probably going to be a bumpy road.

Source: The 420 Times
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