It may be no surprise, but California Democrats are all in on marijuana. The California Democratic Party recently held its convention, and the platform it introduced favors legalization of cannabis and more.

The Party’s platform says it supports “the ongoing legalization, regulation, and taxation of cannabis in a manner similar to that of tobacco or alcohol, while prioritizing the health, education, and safety of California’s communities and the country over revenue or profits.”

Than in itself is a win for cannabis advocates, but the party went even further. It’s also supporting other cannabis initiatives.

The platform says the party supports “holistic healing practices and alternative medicine, particularly those areas licensed by the state such as acupuncture and medical cannabis and utilized to relieve intractable pain without the side effects of conventional controlled drugs.”

Furthermore, the party endorsed letting veterans use medical cannabis, which is often useful for treating ailments veterans face like PTSD, chronic pain and more.

As Tom Angell pointed out at Marijuana Moment, Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein failed to receive enough support for an endorsement from the party, which can be seen as another win for legalization advocates.

Feinstein is a longtime opponent of legalization, and she only received support from 37 percent of the delegation. Her opponent, State Senate President Kevin de León, received 54 percent support. León does seem to favor legalization, and he has a lot of support from drug policy reform advocates. Because 60 percent support is needed for an endorsement, the party did not endorse either senate candidate.

Some California lawmakers, including Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris and Los Angeles’ Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti, are looking like they might run for president in 2020. If so, then it seems likely legalization will become a major issue during that election. Other Democrats from around the nation also look ready to fully support nationwide legalization. If you’re looking for a strong marijuana advocate, they’ll probably come from the Democratic Party.

Source: The 420 Times
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