The California Cannabiz Expo promises to be one of the best cannabis business trade shows to date.

The California Cannabiz Expo will be like no other breathing some much needed fresh air into the Business event arena. Most trade-shows tend to feel boring and stale, so we are breaking the mold and creating a new atmosphere that immerses attendees and exhibitors in an experience like no other. Our goal is to assist the new recreational community in all aspects of the industry from Seed to Sale. With our revolutionary, immersive and interactive style we are offering a step by step guide on how to go from an idea to a successful company. Instead of spending countless hours and dollars we bring all the resources a company needs to navigate the new world of Recreational Cannabis to one Location.

With California’s Recreational Market unleashed, thousands of new entrepreneurs, businesses and investors are flooding in to find a way to be a part of the amazing opportunities and growth of our community.

Our circular flow layout will guide you through the journey from idea to successful business, complimented by beautifully designed themed rooms that intrigue and inspire.

We are partnered with some amazing companies and leaders in the industry to put together the largest and most innovative Cannabis Expo California has ever seen. This expo will be the first chance your company has to connect with thousands of Cannabis Businesses, Investors, Legal Experts and Dispensaries taking flight in the new California market.

Not only are we excited to have the many businesses that have been here for years but we are extremely happy to bring in a new wave of up and coming companies. A quick visit to our Start-Up booth will help bring your idea to life! Our staff will gladly point you and your company to the appropriate rooms for your business needs whether you have questions about compliance, tax, real estate, B2B connections or anything else you might need.

Beer and Wine Garden
Centered inside the exhibit floor lies our beer and wine garden filled with a hand picked selection of over 30 California Local Craft Beers.

High Dining Food Bar
Hungry? (us too!) Take a walk to our fine dining bar, where you can relax, fill up and network with food curated by a team of LA’s top Chefs.

Networking/Mixing Hall
Ready to strike a deal? Book a spot in our quiet private meeting rooms to get some uninterrupted face time. Get caught up on the latest industry developments in Regulation, Taxation, Marketing, the Future of Cannabis, Real estate, Insurance, Distribution and much much more from our plethora of panels and keynote speakers.

The Shark Tank of the Cannabis Industry
Think your company has the next big thing? Swim with the sharks at our live auditions for season 4 of The Marijuana Show, the Shark Tank of the Cannabis Industry, which will be airing on Amazon Prime.

Rooftop Consumption Event
Then, finish the nights off at our rooftop consumption events after the expo, hosted by the California Weed Blog!

We are tired of the old school boring business convention model. Become part of the first businesses to show how truly innovative our community can be.

Source: The Weed Blog


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