A bill was recently introduced by California Assemblyman, Rudy Salas, that would ban cannabis edibles that look like animals, fruit, insects or people, according to KTLA.

The idea is that if edibles that look like these things are allowed, children are more likely to eat them without realizing what they’re in for. “We are trying to protect children,” said Salas.

“In April, some middle school students in San Diego got sick after a classmate sold them marijuana-laced gummy bears,” KTVU reports. “Last August, 19 people were sickened at a Quincea-era party in San Francisco after eating edible pot candies.”

This bill is similar to what is already happening in Colorado. The state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division announced on Friday that starting on October 1, announced edibles shaped like animals, fruits or humans cannot be sold, according to Westword.

“The move is a result of HB 1436, a bill passed in April 2016 that aimed to ban THC-infused lemon drops, gummy bears and other edibles that might attract children,” Westword reports. “Accidental ingestion of edibles was a big concern for lawmakers in 2014 and 2015, shortly after retail cannabis products hit the market in Colorado. According to the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, it saw 151 calls related to marijuana in 2014, up from 88 in 2013. However, that rise drastically tapered off in 2015, and actually decreased in 2016.”

Halloween is on the way, so it’s no surprise lawmakers are talking about cannabis candy. It’s hard to say if there is actually a great risk when it comes to these kinds of marijuana edibles, especially since marijuana won’t kill you even if you ingest a ton of it and children shouldn’t have access to edibles, but it’s also hard to see why there’s a serious reason to defend the right to sell marijuana gummy bears. Do you have a reason? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The 420 Times
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