Have you ever been traveling and wondered if the people in that part of the country smoke a lot of marijuana?

Well, now you can make an educated guess, because the Washington Post has released a map that uses Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) data to show what parts of the country are getting high.

weed map

Source: The Washington Post

As you can see, Northern California, Northern Washington, most of Colorado, Central Maine and elsewhere are consuming a lot of marijuana. The data for the map is only from as recently as 2014, but it includes responses from over 200,000 people who were asked about marijuana usage.

According to the Post, San Francisco is the city with the highest concentration of cannabis users. People from Southern Texas use marijuana the least (which might explain some things). Colorado had a high level of marijuana use before the state legalized the drug, and it looks like people haven’t stopped smoking since legalization.

One question the new data from SAMHSA has answered is how legalizing medical marijuana in a state relates to how people feel about the drug. Researchers found that people in states that have passed medical marijuana laws are likely to believe marijuana use comes with serious health risks and are not as worried about people using the drug.

Over 30 percent of people from states like Texas and Oklahoma, which don’t have medical marijuana, think marijuana is very dangerous. Only around 20 percent of people in states like Oregon and Colorado think marijuana is very dangerous.

Source: The 420 Times
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