Melonie Kotchey

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Compassionate Certification Centers

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Melonie Kotchey

Melonie Kotchey has extensive training in almost every business and patient related field of Medical Cannabis.

A chronic pain patient with spinal stenosis, she is also a partial owner of one of six licensed nurseries in Florida and has attended and spoken at many Medical Marijuana seminars throughout the country. Her co-founded company is hosting the World Convention each year beginning in 2017 for Medical Marijuana in PA alongside Dr. Bryan Doner and Dr. Keyur Patel. She has over 16 years of healthcare consulting sales and marketing experience in hospitals, biotechnology firms, and private practices in 16 states. She received her B.S. In Biology-Pre Medicine, a B.S. in Marketing and also pursued her M.B.A. in Health Care Administration. She attended the Allied School for Billing and Coding and is the President and Founder of Treasure Health, a Medical Marijuana Health Care consulting firm.

Melonie volunteers for Veterans organizations such as Any Soldier, the Children’s Pennsylvania E-Mentor Program and won the 2015 entrepreneur of the year for Women’s Executive’s Board. She is a also a member of the following professional organizations: American’s for Safe Access, Marijuana Policy Project, European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies and a junior member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.

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