Gab Bonesso

Comedian & Entertainer

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Gab Bones

Gab Bonesso is a Pittsburgh comedy veteran who pioneered the city’s alternative-comedy scene.

In 2004 after graduating from Duquesne University with a degree in Theater Arts, Gab created underground comedy rooms at Club Cafe and Brillobox as an alternative to comics who didn’t fit into the traditional comedy club scene. She was named the “Best Comedian in Pittsburgh” by readers of both the Pittsburgh City Paper and Pittsburgh Magazine, has appeared at the Seattle Sketch Comedy Festival and The New York City Underground Comedy Festival, and toured the continental United States and Canada while sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters from 2011-2013.

Gab’s written work has appeared online, in print, on radio, and on television. In 2012, Gab began advocating on behalf of the anti-bully movement in schools throughout the country and her message has reached over 100,000 children through live programs and WQED PSA’s. She has also been a featured speaker for TEDx Pittsburgh where she discussed the role of adults within the anti-bully movement. Gab has just created a new school program called: Standup With Gab to specifically reach kids in middle and high school using standup comedy and motivational speaking.

Gab’s performance style is best described in this excerpt from Pittsburgh Magazine: “[Gab] has long danced on the border of comedy, theater, performance art, and general mayhem. Her style is so unique (and her material so singular and specified to her life) that branding it simple stand-up is off the mark; in performance, Bonesso is something else entirely, a whirlwind of humor, confession and theatrical abandon.”

Gab is the first comedian signed to Misra Records. Her album “Everyone’s Dead” came out in April of 2017.

Gab is in the process of planning her first National headlining tour called: #TheOthers: An Inclusive Comedy Tour. #TheOthers, Founded & Created by Gab Bonesso, is an inclusive comedy tour nurturing unique, diverse and alternative voices in comedy while promoting anti-bully awareness. The goal is to entertain audiences while speaking on societal issues in an attempt to foster awareness through humor. Mindful laughter is our ultimate goal.

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