Join 500,000+ viewers for this powerful online series and get clear views of the exciting world of cannabis!

Join Compassionate Certification Centers from May 20th – 24th for five days with more than twenty-five (25) experts and industry leaders as we present a panoramic of views and insights into the exciting world of cannabis.

What You’ll Learn

During this powerful 5-day series, we’ll demystify cannabis myths and stigmas, educate you about the true history of cannabis prohibition and the current and future legalization efforts, empower you with actionable, scientifically-grounded uses of cannabis that you can try right now and shed light on the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.

Topics We’ll Cover

  • How cannabis evolved from our most important national crop to later be categorized as a Schedule 1 “drug” alongside heroin and ecstasy.
  • CBD and your family – understanding this powerful cannabis derivative, current product trends and the myriad of benefits for your health.
  • The discovery of our very own internal “cannabis system” and how new research is revealing powerful new applications for cannabis to prevent and cure chronic conditions like seizures, depression, diabetes, cancer and more.
  • How athletes and entertainers are galvanizing the cannabis industry and supporting cannabis use for sports injuries, PTSD and concussions.
  • Ways to spice up your kitchen with culinary cannabis creations that heal, nourish and soothe.
  • The groundbreaking cannabis clinical trials that hold the promise of treatments for autism, brain disorders, cancer and more.
  • The exciting growth sectors for investing in this emerging cannabis industry that is projected to grow to $23 billion dollars by 2020.

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