Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD

Originally from the Bronx, NY, Dr. Joseph Rosado moved down to the Central Florida region to work as orderly and EMT/Paramedic.

It was there that Dr. Rosado realized his passion for the medical profession. He started chiropractic school at Life College in Marietta, GA where he graduated cum laude with a BS degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After practicing for several years, he went on to Universidad Central del Este in San Pedro de Macoris where in 2001 he graduated suma cum laude with his medical degree.

After working as physician and clinic Director in Salt Lake City, UT, team physician for the Costa Rican Institute of Recreation and Sports, and staff physician at Hospital Metropolitan in San Juan, PR. Dr. Rosado relocated back to Florida in 2005 after completing his MBA in Health Care Management from University of Phoenix, magna cum laude.

He worked as the Director of the Communicable Disease Division/Epidemiology and Immunization departments as well as the Sr. Lead Physician at St. Johns County Health Department.