Dr. Brad Buege

Dr. Brad Buege has been practicing emergency medicine at Westfield Memorial Hospital in Westfield, NY, where he also serves as Director of the Emergency Department.

Prior to Westfield, he practiced emergency medicine in Colorado Springs, CO and Erie, PA. He has been board certified in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Brad received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN and his medical education from Des Moines University in 1999. He then completed a 5 year dual residency in Emergency Medicine and Family Practice, in Pontiac, Michigan.

Outside the ER, Dr. Brad enjoys many interests. Just some of his favorites: annoying his two teenagers, and watching them participate in their various sporting activities, playing with his dog, spending time with friends, sleeping and not working in the ER. When his schedule permits, he loves to visit his family in Minnesota and Colorado.

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