Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia is a Maltese politician, lawyer, and the leader of the Nationalist Party since September 2017 and Leader of the Opposition since October 2017.

Adrian Delia grew up in Birkirkara. He received his formation from the Jesuit St Aloysius’ College (Malta). He graduated as a lawyer from the University of Malta in 1993.

Delia started out in the Legal Office of Mid-Med Bank, a bank later acquired by HSBC and branded as HSBC Malta. Delia founded his legal firm Aequitas Legal. He acted as Director and Company Secretary of Erste Bank Malta.

During the beginning of his tenure, Delia started reworking the image of the Nationalist Party. In fact the team installed was no longer made up by a majority of lawyers, which was typical of the party, but instead included a sociologist, an economist, a banker and an engineer. He also reintroduced the party to the man in the street, by visiting villages and their local clubs.

On February 3, 2018, as Opposition Leader, Delia reshuffled spokesmanships within the Parliamentary Group and took the shadowing of the Justice Ministry in hand. Delia, on May 20, 2018, promised that a PN government, if elected, would repay the money overcharged from energy bills to the people.